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The Outfittery test


What does a modern gentleman do, if he needs new clothes but does not have time or energy to go into every store looking for a new outfit? He goes and buys it online. But what if he’s insecure about his own sense of style and would rather buy outfits than individual items that may or may not go well together? This is where Outfittery, Zalond, and Modomoto come into play. They are all fighting for the attention of men (and sometimes women) who are looking for outfits rather than clothes.
We’ve had a closer look at Outfittery and were very impressed.

Once you enter the website you get to pick among a selection of outfits and chose which ones you like to give Outfittery a first impression of what you might be looking for. You get to pick sizes, patterns, fittings and price ranges for the various parts of your outfit and the most important thing: you get to make an appointment for a call with one of their stylists who will ask you more questions to get an even better idea of what you’re looking for.
Our call was the following day.

Roger did a great job. He asked about any problems I usually have when fitting clothes, about any particular desires I have for my new outfits and reconfirms the date I entered into the form the day before. Also he checks whether I’m looking for an outfit for a special event so he can pinpoint what to put into my bag.
outfittery all outfitsAfter a 10-minute call Roger had all the information he needed to prepare two outfits for me and also committed Outfittery to deliver within the next week.
The following Wednesday (the call was on Thursday) I received a box delivered to my door.

outfit number oneThe box was filled with clothes and a hand written card from Roger – what a nice touch. Obviously the highlight was the outfits within. Two outfits that both contained what I asked Roger to look out for: something a bit different from what I usually wear. outfit number twoBoth a combination of chinos and shirts with one pair of shoes and a sweater to wear over the shirt. ha a look at the pictures and decide for yourself whether you like the outfits or not.

Outfittery convinced us. The only thing missing from the box was a matching belt for the shoes but Roger will get another chance to get me a belt, since he is my personal stylist at Outfittery now.

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