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A playground for men


Man's World OrganisatorenThe first Man’s World in Zürich is many things: A place for the meat lover, a meeting point for fashion addicts and a playground for our big ones. And even if there are a few ladies trying to find their way through the narrow ways of the exhibition and every now and then a hostess throws you a smile, the Man’s world is one thing above all: Manly!

No matter if you’re standing dumbfounded in front of the tank taxi (!) or having a driver in a mini Jeep escort you through the exhibition, if you’re a meat lover or prefer the great whisky or if you just want to spend a great evening with your lads, this is the place to be for all men.

Man's World JeepAfter a first, rather quiet evening we hope the exhibition will pick up the pace and attract more people for the weekend to come so we can expect an even bigger exhibition in 2017. With even more and bigger toys, more great food, more fashion and beauty stands and possibly even a place for manatti.

Long live men!

(Pictures by Man’s World

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