Johnny Gentleman

A banksy for Christmas


banksy stencilAs with the concept of the gentleman Christmas is all about tradition and as with the modern gentleman we broke with some of the traditions a little bit.

banksy in progressOne of us spent Christmas with his family and celebrated Christmas with a big traditional Christmas dinner – all together at the same table. Everyone enjoys the atmosphere and everyone else’s being there and the evening ends with the giving of presents.

banksy on the wallThe other one of us spent Christmas with family as well, but in a less traditional manner. This is why, after the preparation of the stencil was done, he and his mother spent the rest of the afternoon painting a banksy to one of his living room walls. Obviously, there was dinner that night where also his brother joined for the more traditional part of Christmas, but the painting of a graffiti on the wall not a Christmas tradition at all. And if it is, it is merely the start of a very new tradition with his family.

How did you spend the holidays?

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